Business Case

VARO ENERGY"Searching for end-to-end JDE A/P solution"

VARO Energy

VARO Energy, is a leading energy company active across Europe. 24 Hours a day, 365 days a year VARO safely supplies energy solutions to our local and international customers, where they are needed, and when they are needed.  

VARO Energy, uses Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne as their ERP system.

Business Challenge

VARO Energy, performed a study of all back-office processes. One of the observations was the fragmentation and non-standardization of the A/P workflow processes, as well as the limited use of Purchase Orders.

  • Integrated solution for JDE
  • Limited use of Purchase Order
  • End-to-End solution for procedure-to-pay process
  • Voucher Matching Automation (VMA)
  • Manual Voucher Match (MVM)
  • GL coding

VARO Energy, decided to find an integrated JDE solution that covers an end-to-end solution for the procedure-to-pay process. After a vendor selection process with multiple participants, they decided to partner up and go for the SCANMAN solution. 

  • Visibility on Cost and Control
  • One Standard Purchase Order Process
  • Proper Segregation of Duty and Process Control
  • All information in one system (JDE)
  • A/P Automation

SCANMAN Financial Suite

SCANMAN Core Features

OCR Matching

Sophisticated OCR process that scans the invoices for pre-defined keywords.

100% Embedded in JDE

Good level of integration that best goes along with standard JDE.

Features low code/no code

Open features for low code/no code around the purchase order screen.

SCANMAN played an important role in delivering the overall solution and as well for making the setup work in a non-standard JDE environment. The team has proven to be a good partner despite multiple obstacles we were confronted with, e.g. team changes and non-standard JDE setups that had to be made compatible. Our company is young with different processes and organizations, which requires special effort to standardize. We now have the first pilot company in production and are starting our process adoption plan to start using the functionality.
Jean-Paul Fuchs
VARO Energy