Take A Touchless Approach To Your Accounts Payable  Workflow with SCANMAN Automation

100% Embedded Within JD Edwards. Out Of The Box. No Integration Needed.

4 Modules which Fully Automate Your A/P Process 


SCANMAN A/P Automation

SCANMAN A/P Automation converts manually processing invoices in E1 into an electronic and streamlined process. Covering automated invoice collection, data recognition, automated voucher entry, all the way up to electronic approval workflows and automatically performing 2- and 3-way matching. SCANMAN is JD Edwards A/P Automation solution of choice. 

  • Automated invoice collection from Email, Network or Cloud location.
  • Template free Optical Character Recognition captures all invoice header & line item information based on key-words. Highest recognition rates with low setup and maintenance.
  • Embedded in JD Edwards with direct access to master data for real-time data validation against address book, supplier ledger and other E1 modules. 
  • Automated approval workflows in JD Edwards and on Mobile. 
  • Automated  2- and 3-way matching with exception handling workflow. 
SCANMAN Payments

SCANMAN Payments

Secure and simplify your payment process with SCANMAN Payments. The SCANMAN Payment system replaces all custom and domestic payment file formats with just one single standardized and secured XML payment file. 

  • Automatically generates bank specific and secured XML payment files directly from E1 based on payment groups. 
  • Determines the best possible payment route for each individual payment and validates supplier’s bank account information when creating a payment run.
  • Adds security, approval workflows and automation to your standard A/P payment process.
  • Compliant to ISO20022 standardized payment file format
  • Supports all global bank specific payment formats, for i.e. HSBC, BAML, BNP Paribas, JP Morgan, RBC and many more.
SCANMAN Statements

SCANMAN Statements

With SCANMAN Statements manually matching payments and receipts to open A/P vouchers and A/R invoices belongs to the past. Statements uploads your bank statement files and lockbox records to E1. Based on a set of comprehensive algorithms the payments are automatically matched to open A/P vouchers and A/R invoices in E1.

  • Achieve up to 95% automated matching rates on your bank statements and lockbox processing. 
  • Advanced algorithms ensure the best possible matching rates on all statement scans, i.e. total amount, vendor or customer name, address details, payment description, payment reference.
  • +100 bank formats supported globally
SCANMAN Vendor Portals

SCANMAN Vendor Portals

Revolutionize the way you interact with your vendors and improve vendor relations with SCANMAN Vendor Management Portals. Our platform scales to your business case requirements. Whether you need to provide vendors access to their invoice status or require a collaborative platform with automated workflows for onboarding, PO distribution, invoice uploading possibilities, SCANMAN Vendor Portals is your way to go. 

  • Check invoice status
  • Check payment status & details
  • Submit vendor invoices 
  • Collect PO’s 
  • Support vendor onboarding processes 

Why Choose SCANMAN Financial Suite?

Hundreds of JD Edwards businesses run their daily A/P operations on SCANMAN Financial Suite, find out why: 

SCANMAN is the only A/P Automation solution native to JD Edwards. It’s been built within the JD Edwards toolset and is completely embedded in E1.
SCANMAN seamlessly connects our OCR engine with your JD Edwards system. Invoices are processed in real time and invoice data is directly validated against your E1 master data. 

SCANMAN is powered by a state-of-the-art OCR engine capable of key-word data recognition. Instead of having to design and maintain templates per supplier, SCANMAN captures invoice data in free format. Intelligent data capture, scoring mechanisms and advanced algorithms ensure for the best possible recognition rates with minimal setup and maintenance.

SCANMAN provides unparalleled visibility on your invoice processing. Whether the invoice is pending approval, has been automatically matched or is waiting to be coded, at any stage of the process A/P Staff can track each individual invoice directly from within your JD Edwards ERP. 

With SCANMAN you prevent errors and minimize rework by automating your invoice data entry process. Digitizing your approval process and automating your invoice matching delivers full process control. 

SCANMAN does all the heavy lifting for you. Invoice data is automatically captured, Vouchers are automatically generated, approval workflows initiated, and invoices matched. All you have to do is monitor the process and address exceptions. 

With SCANMAN you get the best of both worlds, expert A/P Automation knowledge combined with years of experience with all JD Edwards Modules. We understand your business, your ERP and A/P! 


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