Embedded AP Automation

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Embedded AP Automation for JD Edwards

SCANMAN embedded AP Automation for JDE is a seamless and fully digital solution designed for processing vendor invoices. It includes the automatic collection of incoming invoices, swift extraction, and processing of invoice data within the E1 AP environment.


Benefits of an embedded solution

Explore the advantages of choosing SCNAMAN embedded AP automation for JD Edwards over a stand-alone option.

Single source of truth

With direct access to JDE Master Data, SCANMAN ensures consistency and accuracy.

No data synchronization issues

Working within JD Edwards itself eliminates data synchronization challenges, providing a seamless experience.

Automatic updates

SCANMAN is automatically updated and synchronized with new JDE releases and features, ensuring you always have the latest functionalities.


The SCANMAN interface mirrors the JDE workbench, ensuring ease of use and minimal training effort for your staff.

Explore the Embedded AP Automation

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Data Capture

Data Validation

Invoice Matching

Approval workflow

Mobile Approvals

single source of truth

Data capture and validation

SCANMAN operates with a single source of truth by staying in constant synchronization with the master data in JD Edwards. This unique approach enables you to make informed business decisions based on a unified and reliable dataset.

Behind the scenes, our OCR (Optical Character Recognition) engine runs seamlessly, recognizing diverse invoice details. Unlike traditional OCR solutions that rely on templates, SCANMAN innovative approach uses keywords and AI, ensuring flexibility and accuracy in document recognition.

touchless process

Invoice Matching

With SCANMAN embedded AP automation for JDE you can achieve an almost 100% first-time match rate through a seamless and touchless process


approval workflows

Accelerate processing lead times

Approval Workflow

Automate approval workflow for non PO and PO based invoices

Real-time data

Use real-time invoice data

Manage Invoices

Handle invoice approvals quickly and easily, anywhere and anytime

Seamless Experience

Seamless user experience across mobile devices

scanman app

Mobile Approvals

With the SCANMAN app, also non-JDE users can perform approvals based on real-time information. Accessible on both Android and iOS devices, the mobile app allows users to effortlessly select invoices, review details, and approve them swiftly – anytime, anywhere.

fit for purpose

Tailor made for JD Edwards

SCANMAN boasts an Oracle Validated integration, seamlessly merging with JD Edwards E1 to ensure complete alignment with all JD Edwards EnterpriseOne processes. Considered an integral E1 module, SCANMAN operates within the framework of JD Edwards business rules, data validation, and security measures.


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