Mobile Purchase Order Approval

Automate purchase order approval, create approval workflows, enhance growth.

PO approvals

Mobile PO Approval in combination with JD Edwards

Streamline your Purchase Order (PO) approval process with the SCANMAN mobile app, seamlessly integrated with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. Easily set up automated PO approval workflows to improve visibility into PO statuses and processes. By accelerating PO approval processes, you will achieve significant cost savings, reduce manual errors, and lower operational costs.

MANAGE Purchase orders

Purchase Orders: Approval and Release

With the SCANMAN mobile app for Purchase Orders (POs), you can streamline both approval and release management processes.

Easily approve POs through the app and track pending approvals. The real-time integration with JD Edwards via the Orchestrator ensures access to up-to-date POs and relevant information.

View and manage POs on hold, including the reasons for the hold status. Quickly release held POs to progress them through the workflow for final approval.


Mobile PO approval

Explore the benefits of automating purchase orders (PO) approvals in JD Edwards E1


Eliminate manual processes and significantly reduce labor costs linked with POs approval process.


Minimize the risk of human error by ensuring constant and precise review of POs.


Access real-time updates on POs approval statuses, enabling tracking of progress and identification of bottlenecks.

Streamlined workflows

Configure automated POs approval workflows that initiate immediately upon POs receipt.

Automate POs Approval in JD Edwards

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manage Purchase orders

Explore the mobile app features

Budget Validation

Ensure accuracy by validating POs against budget constraints. Easily track budget details, including budget left and the amount committed to certain purchases.


Gain comprehensive insights into PO statuses, create custom approval workflows, and seamlessly attach relevant documents—all from your mobile device.

Header and Line-Item Management

Effortlessly oversee PO processes at both the header and line-item levels for maximum control and efficiency.

Real-Time Integration

The mobile app is seamlessly integrated with JD Edwards through the Orchestrator, ensuring up-to-date data and eliminating synchronization data issues.

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