Contract Management

Manage contracts lifecycle. Automate manual work. Fully integrated with JDE E1.


Contract Management Automation for JD Edwards

SCANMAN Contract Management automation enables your organization to manage contracts from end-to-end in an all-in-one platform. It makes it easier for legal and business teams to create, negotiate, sign, renew and report on business contracts by automating the manual work traditionally involved in contract workflow.

Contract management automation

Benefits of automating contract management

Centralized Data Management

Easily manage your organization’s contracts in one location. Use KPIs to asses and manage contracts performance (KPI driven contract management).

Efficient document Creation

Streamline contract creation process, significantly reducing the time required for drafting contracts.


Gain real-time visibility into contract status, key milestones, expiration dates, usage contract, and renewal dates for improved tracking.

Compliance Management

Track compliance milestones and send timely notifications to users when action is needed.


Establish workflows to automate approval processes for contract creation, modification, and renewal, ensuring a seamless approval journey.

Accelerated Contract Lifecycle

Automate routine processes for quicker contract generation, negotiation, and execution, ultimately enhancing business agility.

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