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Payment automation

Fully integrated with JD Edwards. Secure, simplify and streamline your payments.

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Payment Automation for JD Edwards

Enhance the security and simplicity of your payment process with SCANMAN payment automation for JDE E1. Our system replaces various custom and domestic payment file formats with a single, standardized, and secure XML payment file.

streamline payment processes

Payment Automation features

Integrated with
JD Edwards

Our solution seamlessly integrates with your JDE E1, ensuring a synchronized flow of financial data.

Secured XML Payment Files

Automatically generates bank-specific and secured XML payment files directly from JDE E1 based on payment groups.

Payment Route Optimization

Determines the best possible payment route for each individual payment and validates supplier’s bank account information during payment run creation.


Enhances security with approval workflows and automation, refining your standard AP and AR processes.

ISO 20022

Adheres to the ISO 20022 standardized payment file format.

Bank Support

Supports all major global bank-specific payment formats, including HSBC, BAML, BNP Paribas, JP Morgan, RBC, and more.

automatic upload


Automatically upload your bank statement files and lockbox records to JD Edwards E1. Advanced algorithms ensure that payments are automatically matched to your open AP vouchers and AR invoices in JD Edwards.