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Purchasing automation for JDE

One collaborative environment. A tailored purchasing experience.


Manage your purchasing processes

Manage all your organization’s purchase processes within one collaborative environment, including the capabilities to manage (punch out) catalogues, supplier contracts and (PO) approvals. A purchase experience based on the company’s conditions and the agreements that you have in place with your suppliers.


Purchase order approval automation

Enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and transparency of your organization's procurement workflow with SCANMAN's PO approval automation. Streamline and expedite the purchase order approval process.

Workflow automation

Customize workflows in alignment with your organization's purchasing policies and guide purchase orders through designated approval channels.

Integrated with JD Edwards

Our solution is fully integrated with JD Edwards, ensuring consistency across departments, and eliminating the need for duplicate data entry.

Real-time visibility

The SCANMAN PO approval automation system offers real-time visibility into the status of purchase orders. Authorized stakeholders can easily track the progress of approvals and receive timely notifications for pending actions.

Exception Handling

Comprehensive audit trails are consistently maintained for each step of the purchase order approval process. This detailed documentation serves as a valuable resource for auditing purposes, compliance checks, and historical analysis.

key benefits

Automate purchase processes in JD Edwards

Centralized purchase management

Streamline all organization's purchase processes within a single collaborative environment.

Supplier Contract Management

Efficiently handle catalog management, supplier contracts, and purchase order approvals in one place.

Customized purchase experience

Tailor the purchase experience based on the company's conditions and agreements established with suppliers.

Enhanced collaboration

Foster collaboration by providing a unified platform for managing various aspects of the purchasing process.

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