A/P Automation for JD Edwards

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A/P automation for jD edwards

SCANMAN A/P Automation for JD Edwards converts manually processing invoices in E1 into an electronic and streamlined process. Covering automated invoice collection, data recognition, automated voucher entry, all the way up to electronic approval workflows and automatically performing 2- and 3-way matching.

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Our A/P Automation

Accelerate your A/P processes

Invoice data is extracted and within seconds processed within the E1 A/P environment.

Automated invoice collection from Email, Network or Cloud location

Template free Optical Character Recognition captures all invoice header & line item information based on keywords. Highest recognition rates with low setup and maintenance.

Embedded in JD Edwards with direct access to master data for real-time data validation against address book, supplier ledger and other E1 modules.

Automated approval workflows in JD Edwards E1 Systems and on mobile

Automated 2- and 3- way matching with exception handling workflow


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Our solutions

Discover Scanman range of solutions designed to automate your AP processes and convert manual operations into efficient handling processes

SCANMAN delivers a collaborative cloud platform to efficiently manage the cradle to grave lifecycle of your vendors including vendor onboarding and self-servicing, purchase2pay process automation and (financial) document management. Fully automated, workflow driven and seamlessly integrated with your JDE E1 environment.

An automated and fully digital process for your vendor invoice processing. Incoming invoices are automatically collected, invoice data is extracted and processed within seconds within the E1 A/P environment. Automated approval workflows and auto-2 and 3 way-matching provide a touchless approach, converting manual operations into an efficient and automated exception handling process.

Manage all your organization’s purchasing processes within one collaborative environment, including the capabilities to manage (punch out) catalogues, supplier contracts and (PO) approvals. A purchase experience based on the company’s conditions and the agreements that you have in place with your suppliers.

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Succesful implementations

SCANMAN solutions are designed for rapid deployment, either on your premise or in the cloud. Our 5-step implementation approach ensures for short project timeframes enabling your A/P staff to benefit from all the A/P Automation perks in just short order.


Native JD Edwards A/P Automation

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Oracle validated integration expertise

With an Oracle Validated Integration, customers can be confident that a partner's integration has been built in a repeatable manner and performs as documented.