AR Automation for JD Edwards

Fully integrated with JD Edwards. Automate labor-intensive tasks.


SCANMAN AR Automation

The SCANMAN AR Automation for JD Edwards is a modular solution that helps automate the repetitive and time-consuming tasks of your accounts receivable team. 

ar automation


Discover SCANMAN solutions designed to automate your accounts receivable team tasks, saving time and reducing costs for your company.

Streamline the reconciliation of remittance advices through automated processes, featuring real-time validation against JDE E1 Master Data and efficient exception handling within a flexible, collaborative platform integrated seamlessly with JDE E1.

Automate the recognition process, perform real-time validation against JDE master (product) data & contracts, and seamlessly process Customer POs in JDE E1. All within a flexible, collaborative platform environment that includes effective exception handling.

SCANMAN Contract Management solution, seamlessly integrated with JDE E1, empowers organizations to handle contracts comprehensively, all within a unified platform. Simplifying the creation, negotiation, signing, renewal, and reporting processes for legal and business teams, it automates the traditionally manual aspects of contract workflows.