Mobile app for on-the-go PO approvals and releases in JD Edwards

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Approve and release POs anywhere at any time with the SCANMAN Mobile App for Purchase Order Approvals and Release integrated with JD Edwards.

In today’s business world, purchasing managers are often on the go, juggling multiple tasks and responsibilities. But what happens when a purchase order needs approval, and they’re away from their desk? This common scenario often leads to bottlenecks in the approval process, causing delays in operational activities and frustrating stakeholders.

With the SCANMAN Mobile app for Purchase Orders (PO) approvals and release fully integrated with JD Edwards, managing PO approval and release becomes effortless. Our mobile app redefines PO management in JD Edwards. It empowers approvers to perform approvals anywhere, at any time, ensuring critical POs never get stuck in limbo.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of using a mobile app for PO approval and release. We will also introduce you to the SCANMAN mobile app, designed for seamless, on-the-go PO approvals. We’ll explore its features, functionalities, and the many benefits it brings to your organization.

What’s a Purchase Order (PO)

In the procurement process, a Purchase Order (PO) serves as a vital document initiated by the buyer and transmitted to the vendor. Approval procedures for POs can vary across companies, influenced by factors such as the nature of the purchase, involved department, and purchase value.

A PO becomes a legally binding document upon vendor approval. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure thorough scrutiny before it is transmitted to the vendor.

SCANMAN Mobile App: Approve and Release POs from anywhere

The SCANMAN mobile app is seamlessly integrated with JD Edwards. It simplifies the PO approval process by enabling approvers to approve POs on-the-go and avoid bottlenecks. But that’s not all – our mobile app also enables you to perform PO releases with ease.

Our app for PO approval and release adheres to the JD Edwards automation, workflows, and standards you have established for your organization. It lets you to perform PO-related actions (approval and release) more easily and swiftly directly from your mobile phone.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Mobile App for PO Approval and Release

PO approval and release processes can often be time-consuming. This is especially true when the approval process involves multiple approvers who may be away from their desks. Mobilizing these processes by enabling approvers and releasers to perform tasks directly from their mobile phones offers two key advantages:

Time Savings

Approving and releasing POs from the mobile app saves time to approvers and releasers, who can perform their task quickly, avoiding delays in the approval process.

Approvals and Releases wherever you are

The mobile app allows approvers and releasers to perform their tasks from wherever they are, without having to necessarily be in their office sitting behind their desk.

App Functionalities: PO approval and PO release in combination with JD Edwards

The SCANMAN mobile app is integrated with JD Edwards via Orchestrator and it offers users the ability to perform both PO approval and release tasks seamlessly.

The integration via Orchestrator ensures that all data displayed in the mobile app is dynamically retrieved in real-time from JD Edwards. Hence, it provides approvers with up-to-date information on pending POs awaiting approval or release. Within the app’s interface, users can easily access essential details for each PO such as order number, supplier information, order type, requested date, approval amount, order company, and any associated hold codes for pending releases.

When it comes to PO approval, approvers can efficiently review relevant information within the app and promptly approve the purchase order. Which is then moved on to the second approval level or transmitted to the vendor.

For PO release tasks, the app streamlines the process by showing a hold code, which explains the reason why a PO is on hold. Releasers can quickly assess the reasons for the hold, such as budget constraints. All essential budget-related information will be displayed in the app. The releaser can easily access this information via the app, and in most cases, there is no need for further investigation in JD Edwards. Upon review, if the approver determines that the PO can proceed, they can release it, advancing the PO to the following step of to the standard JD Edwards setup.

Explore the features of the Mobile app for on-the-go PO approvals and relases

The SCANMAN mobile app for PO approvals has several features that will make your organization’s PO approval process, easy, and automated.

Integrated with JDE via Orchestrator

Like all SCANMAN solutions, our mobile app for PO approval seamlessly integrates with JD Edwards via Orchestrator. This integration ensures a continuous flow of data between JDE and the mobile app. By leveraging data fetched directly from JD Edwards, the app guarantees 100% accuracy and eliminates synchronization issues.

Visibility on the number of POs requiring approval or release

Through the app, approvers can quickly see the number of POs that need approval or release. The app’s homepage displays these numbers prominently, making it easy for approvers and releasers to see if tasks await their attention.

Accessible for non-JDE Users

In addition to offering convenient PO approvals from anywhere and at any time, our mobile app extends its usability to non-JDE users. This feature is extremely valuable when purchasing managers don’t have a JDE license.

Attachment Capability

In the app, users can access attachments that were added to the PO via JD Edwards.

User-friendly interface

Designed with user experience in mind, the mobile app boasts an intuitive interface that minimizes the need for extensive familiarity with the JDE interface. Approvers can effortlessly navigate and approve POs, even without prior exposure to the JDE interface.

Mobile PO approval and release in JDE made easy

Ready to streamline your PO approval process? Dive into the SCANMAN mobile app today! Reach out to our sales team to request a free demo and witness first-hand how our app can revolutionize your procurement processes.

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