From Manual Chaos to Streamlined Efficiency: AP Automation for JD Edwards 

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Manual accounts payable (AP) processes in JD Edwards can be a burden, hindering growth. Spreadsheets become cumbersome, and traceability suffers. But what if you could achieve an 80% efficiency boost with an AP automation for JDE EnterpriseOne

Explore the SCANMAN AP automation fully embedded within JD Edwards that automates supplier invoice processing.  With an almost 99% first-match rate, it transforms your workflow into a near touchless experience. This translates to significant cost savings, minimized errors, faster processing and enhanced visibility and control. 

Wondering how our embedded AP automation compares to standalone solutions?  We’ll explore the key distinctions, followed by a deep dive into SCANMAN unique features in this article. 

Safety First: Oracle Validated Integration 

SCANMAN’s AP automation seamlessly integrates within JD Edwards and boast an Oracle Validated Integration. This rigorous certification ensures SCANMAN meets Oracle’s strict standards for reliability, performance, and security. In simpler terms, you can trust SCANMAN to operate flawlessly within JD Edwards existing business rules, data validation, and security measures. 

Embedded vs Standalone AP automation: Key Benefits

AP automation solutions fall into two categories: embedded within your existing JD Edwards system or standalones. SCANMAN offers an embedded solution, providing significant advantages to streamline your AP processes. 

Single Source of Truth

Make informed decisions based on consistent and accurate data directly from JD Edwards master data, minimizing errors throughout the process. 

Real-time Data Synchronization

Enjoy a seamless experience with automatic data synchronization, eliminating potential data discrepancies. 

Always up to date with JDE’s latest and greatest

SCANMAN automatically updates with the latest JD Edwards versions, ensuring you benefit from the newest functionalities without additional effort.

All-in one interface

SCANMAN interface mirrors JD Edwards, minimizing training for new users and maximizing comfort for existing ones. 

Reduced cost of ownership

As a JD Edwards module, SCANMAN eliminates data synchronization issues minimizing errors and user training time, leading to a lower cost of ownership compared to other solutions. 

Effortless Invoice Processing: In Any Format 

SCANMAN simplifies invoice processing regardless of the invoice format. Whether you receive invoices via email, paper, XML, PDF, or image, SCANMAN handles them all seamlessly. The system monitors designated network folders and email boxes, automatically capturing invoices upon arrival, and the OCR engine running in the background recognizes all the relevant invoice details. 

Additionally, SCANMAN’s dynamic mapping capabilities handle a wide range of XML invoices. Including UBL, the international e-invoicing standard. As e-invoicing is becoming increasingly popular, with many government initiatives taking place, SCANMAN can connect to government portals to directly retrieve and scan invoices, streamlining the process further. Finally, SCANMAN connects to the PEPPOL network via a PEPPOL access point, empowering your organization to process invoices received through the PEPPOL network. 

AI-powered Data Capture

SCANMAN employs a powerful OCR (Optical Character Recognition) engine, that is constantly running in the background, to automatically process invoices as soon as you receive them. This intelligent system utilizes two key features: Keyword and AI-powered recognition of all the invoice data, delivering higher than average recognition rates. 

The OCR engine scans for specific keywords within the entire invoice, regardless of invoice layout changes from your suppliers. The system is compatible with more than 200 languages, and it can recognize aliases and variations, ensuring consistent identification. Once a relevant keyword is located, SCANMAN AI capabilities kick in, automatically extracting the corresponding invoice amount. 

2- and 3-way Automated Invoice Matching 

Imagine achieving an almost 99% first-match rate with minimal manual intervention. SCANMAN’s intelligent automation streamlines invoice processing thanks to 2- and 3-way invoice matching, minimizing the need for manual review. 

SCANMAN AP automation for JD Edwards comes pre-loaded with industry-standard matching rules and automations specifically designed for JD Edwards users. These can be further customized to perfectly match your unique requirements and client-specific rules. With such powerful automation, only a small fraction of invoices will require human intervention, ensuring a fast and error-free process. 

SCANMAN AP Automation for JD Edwards: Key Features

SCANMAN AP automation simplifies everyday accounts payable tasks with its powerful features, boosting efficiency and reducing errors.

Exception handling within the system

With SCANMAN, invoice processing becomes an exception handling process, that will require minimum manual intervention. 

Alerts and notifications to users

Set up customized notification and alerts to notify users about approvals, escalation, or missing data.

Delegation of roles

Delegate roles to ensure an uninterrupted approval workflow, even when people are on leave. Maintain business continuity.  

Collaborative Q&A function

Manage supplier disputes and resolve issues efficiently with SCANMAN built-in Q&A portal. Facilitate internal and external communication.

Approve Invoices Anywhere, Anytime 

SCANMAN empowers your company to automate approval workflows for both PO (Purhcase Order) and non PO based invoices. Which can be further customized to align with your company’s needs. But that’s not all! SCANMAN takes approval efficiency a step further by eliminating desk dependence with the SCANMAN mobile app for invoice approval. Fully integrated with JD Edwards, the app provides real-time access to JDE data, ensuring a seamless user experience. 

This mobile solution allows your team to approve invoices anytime, anywhere, accelerating processing lead times. And the user-friendly interface makes it easy for even non-JDE users to participate in the approval workflow. 

Be in Control of Reporting and Dashboarding

SCANMAN goes beyond basic invoice processing and provides you with insightful reporting and data analysis tools. Gain a holistic view of your JD Edwards financial data, including both accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable (AR). 

Out-of-the-box, SCANMAN provides over 40 pre-built reports to get you started quickly. These reports cover a wide range of AP and AR metrics, allowing you to easily monitor key performance indicators (KPIs). We also provide some best practices and AP Reporting bundles on ReportsNow (DAS) and One View reporting systems. Additionally, our solution can be integrated with other BI systems like Hubble and Power BI. 

Stop Wasting Time, Start Saving Money: Leverage the Power of AP Automation 

Don’t let manual AP processes slow you down. SCANMAN AP automation empowers you to: slash processing times with intelligent automation, reduce costs through improved efficiency and reduced errors, gain real-time visibility into your finances, and take control of your approval workflows. 

Ready to transform your JD Edwards AP operations? Explore SCANMAN and see how it can revolutionize your financial processes. Request a free demo now!

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