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Latest SCANMAN releases

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June ’22 – SCANMAN officially released v3.10.1. The newly released version expands the JD Edwards UI language support and includes Spanish and French into the SCANMAN embedded solution.

+ Language Spanish
+ Language French

December '22 - Version 4.0

Upcoming release

Dynamic XML Mapping

With the dynamic XML the embedded SCANMAN solution is able to receive all XML formats.

Two-Way Voucher Match Automation

SCANMAN will be working with the two-way matching of vouchers with PO numbers.

Rest-Driven Integration

With the major release update to version 4.0, Business services is replaced by the representation state transfer (REST).

a.i. Technology for Automation

Artificial Intelligence technology is added to automate invoice capture, recognition, and field extraction.


Custom created dashboards with live insights to the financial processes.


Our dedicated team are on hand to deliver a live and detailed demo of our full financial suite. Find out first hand how Scanman financial suite can transform your accounts payable workflow.

Our Demo includes how to:

  • Fully automate your A/P process within JD Edwards
  • Automatically process payments securely with advanced approval workflows
  • Handle income statements with automated matching
  • Enable total vendor transparency

    Archived Releases

    V 3.10

    March ’22 – This release includes a completely new solution called SCANMAN Automation Package. It has been designed and developed with the only goal to optimize and improve the Accounts Payable process by providing SCANMAN users with a tool for automating invoice verification and processing based on the latest Oracle technology. Also, SCANMAN now provides Foreign Currency Invoice Match with Price Variance Calculation and Tolerance Check.